18 dogs that make you helpless


18. “Today someone learned that bees are, in fact, not food.”

17. Played in a freshly mowed lawn!

16. “What do you mean, it’s not for me?”

15. Walking during a rainy day like:

14. “Oh, you needed this box?”

13. Spoiling a great moment

12. “He decided to get sprayed by a skunk tonight. Even after an emergency midnight bath, he has no regrets.”

11. “I wanted them to sit for a picture and got this instead.”

10. Going for a walk when it’s snowing:

9. “Look, I opened the door for you!”

8. What a nice hat!

7. This dog possesses a superpower.

6. “When you think it’s cute for your doggo to play with a stuffed toy…”

5. Impossible to resist!

4. When your owner is cooking a pie:

3. “My dog stole the neighbor’s cat toy.”

2. “Left him alone outside for 2 minutes!”

1. “This butter was tasty.”


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