20+ innovation and designers improve our daily life.


1. The cowboy hat that doubles as a hard hat

2. A bench that can be rotated to the dry side after a rainy day

3. Desks with pedals so that kids can move while learning

4. The trash can that lets you vote for things with stubs in Edinburgh

5. In Seoul, the gas pumps hang from the roof so that you don’t need to worry about which side you should park your car on.

6. A gadget that simulates somebody watching TV

7. A pen that tells you how many words can be written with it

8. A tie that has a microfiber lining so you can clean your phone screen

9. A leaf basket created to keep storm drains clear

10. An ATM that allows you to pick what kind of bills you want

11. An elevator with buttons that can be pressed with your feet

12. A modern tip jar

13. A car that allows you to listen to music only after you put your seatbelt on

14. Toilet paper with a smaller roll inside that can be taken on the go

15. The fridge with a built-in water filter pitcher

16. This dentist has a “Where’s Waldo?” picture on the ceiling to entertain patients during appointments.

17. A store that has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing

18. Dog parking

19. A dressing room that lets you choose the type of lighting

20. This hotel provides a separate towel to take off makeup.

21. A vending machine for dog treats

22. A phone box that has been repurposed as a defibrillator station

23. A bar with lockers where you can store your phone while it charges

24. An Asian potato chip container that has a tab to lift the chips up

25. A pet relief station at the airport


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