20 photos that defy your common sense


This is Ileodictyon cibarium, a fungus.

Music on a typewriter

The way this lizard gets an X-ray:

The inside of this log rotted away except for in the places where there were once branches.

This is what the pizza looks like after it’s been baked in a 500-degree oven for eight hours.

“This is what my mom looked like three years after she adopted two cats.”

This is a goldsmith’s toolbox from the Islamic Golden Age

“My friend refused to ask for help with putting his sunscreen on and this was the result.”

A seesaw for 4 children

It’s not a golf ball. It’s a mushroom

curly pigeons

A tree growing through a stone wall

Each ball weighs 2 lb (from left to right: magnesium, aluminum, titanium, copper, and tungsten).

A water bottle before being formed

Skyscrapers look insignificant from the world’s tallest building.

clown-shaped power lines tower

The skulls of a Triceratops and a Centrosaurus

The English Lop’s ears

This tree was shaped by the wind.

1 formula, 1 steering wheel


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