18 Emotional Horses Whose Expressions Would Make Jim Carrey Proud


Horses are majestic and very helpful animals, not only in terms of riding, but also for therapy — it’s been proven that they can help people with their motor skills and neurological functions. But surprisingly, they also have a sense of humor, that is some positive therapy in itself!

We give a lot of attention to our dogs and cats, but in horses we’ve found comedic geniuses in their own right — and we’re eager to share them with you. Also, don’t miss out on the bonus!

“Let me sing you a sooooong…”


“So he’s walking up to me like this…”

Selfie time

Horses sleep too.

“I have a prettier smile though!”

“Do I have something in my teeth?”

“Yeee-haw, man!”

Best pals have the same sense of humor.

There’s no shame in dressing up.

Paparazzi on the hunt

“Maaaan! I’m done with the sun!”

Emo game is strong with this one.

Basically, a model

“Have you seen that guy eat?”

Horse inception

“Hello, little one!”

When you’re shy, but friendly:

18 Emotional Horses Whose Expressions Would Make Jim Carrey Proud


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