40 Terrible Stair Designs That Are Disasters Just Waiting To Happen


The story goes that stairs were invented back in 1910 when Jonathan B. Stairs injured his foot and couldn’t climb the ladder to reach the second floor of his house. Okay, we might have just made that story up. But honestly, stairs are such a simple design – it’s just a bunch of steps that take you up or down, how can you mess that up? Well, apparently you can.

Even though stairs are the healthier alternative to elevators, sometimes designers manage to create stairs designs that are so terrible, they make you wish you had just taken the elevator instead. From fountains disguised as stairs to funky carpet choices, check out the terrible stair designs that are disasters just waiting to happen in the gallery below!

#1 Not A Good Carpet Choice For Stairs If You Ask Me

#2 I’ve Seen Some Crappy Stairs, But This One Takes The Cake

#3 Camouflage 101

#4 When You Let Satan Choose The Carpet

#5 Built The Staircase Exactly As Designed, Boss

#6 Stairs That Lead To Nowhere

#7 In Case Of Fire Use Stairs, They Said. Do Not Use Elevators, They Said

#8 Extreme Wheelchairing

#9 Stairs Of Death

#10 Almost Broke My Leg

#11 These Stairs At A Movie Theatre

#12 You Don’t Have To Be Drunk To Fall Down These Stairs

#13 These Aren’t Stairs. They Are Decorative Waterfalls. My Friend Walked Into Them And Slipped, I Laughed My Ass Off

#14 This Flight Of Stairs Outside A Door Is Death Waiting To Happen

#15 My God

#16 For When You Want A Near Death Experience Every Time You Use The Stairs

#17 If You Choose To Go On The Left, On The Ramp, Because You Have A Bike Or Stroller, Then You Will Encounter A Step Later. But If You Choose Stairs Then You Will Encounter A Ramp After The Stairs

#18 These Sloping Stairs

#19 How To Break Your Bones

#20 Man This Hill Is Just Too Steep. Hold On A Sec While I Take The Stairs

#21 These Stairs

#22 These Double Stairs

#23 These Stairs Must Be For Pets And Children Only

#24 These Stairs In Monaco

#25 These Stairs

#26 These Stairs In A College I Visited Had People Confused…

#27 These Stairs In My Sisters House Are A Joy To Use

#28 Someone Directed Us To These Stairs When We Were Lost

#29 The One Stair Slightly Shifted To The Side

#30 These Stairs Are 1ft/30cm High

#31 These Stairs In A Residence Hall When I Was In College. Always Creeped Me Out

#32 The Stairs To Nowhere

#33 You Win This Time, Stairs…

#34 Terrible Floor To See The Depth Of The Stairs

#35 These Stairs…

#36 Space Saving Stairs

#37 Let Them All Fall From Those Stairs

#38 Carpeted Stairs To Shower

#39 Nearly Died Carrying A Box Down These Basement Stairs

#40 Stairs Leading To Nowhere At My School


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