50 Of The Best Photos From Our ‘Water 2020’ Contest


Free-to-use photography app Agora reveals the winning entries from its latest online photo contest, #Water2020 that gathered more than 8700 photos submitted by the global community of photographers. Filipina photographer @anadgphotography won the contest with her photo ‘Thirsty ants’ which gathered the most votes during the 5 voting rounds on the photography app.

The #Water2020 contest was launched on February 28th on Agora, the mobile app where photographers, whether amateur or professional, can participate to international photo contests and share their best pictures for a chance to win recognition and cash prizes (from $1,000 to $25,000), and where the global audience can choose the best creations of Humanity thanks to Agora’s democratic voting system.

The Top 50 finalists from the competition got revealed through the app on March 25th, showcasing mesmerizing photos of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans all around the world. Then, the power was in the Agora users’ hands to cast their votes and decide which photo struck them the most and therefore should win the contest and the $1,000 prize.

Octavi Royo, Agora’s CEO & Co-Founder declared: “Water molecules are a blend of millions of years of history and have passed through many oceans, continents, and beings of all kinds. It has evolved from liquid to solid states countless times over the course of time. Today, we discover the best pictures of #Water at a specific time in history. A moment to make the finalist photographers’ point of view eternal and, through Agora, share them with the world to become part of the collective memory and treasures of Humanity. Power to #Water2020!”

Take your time to scroll through the finalists’ submissions and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

#1 Afternoon Sunlight Magic

#2 Winner: ‘Thirsty Ants’

#3 A Horse Would Like To Be A Seahorse

#4 Herrerillo Posándose

#5 Underwater Prayers

#6 Bajo Children

#7 Spotting These 3 Cruising Up The Coast Made My Day

#8 Siren Song

#9 A Sunset Flight Over The Waterfall Of The Gods

#10 Bubbling Boiling Water In Bolivia

#11 Water Collection

#12 Brings Happiness To The Face

#13 Catching Shrimps In The Sea

#14 City On Water

#15 Frozen Water Creates A Path For Climbers

#16 The First Rains Of The Year Make The Rivers Start Flowing Again

#17 Fisherman Under The Dawn

#18 Sunset On The Salt Field

#19 Flowers On Water

#20 Island Water

#21 Morning Rise At Teahupo’o

#22 Water As A Canvas To Create Minimalistic Art

#23 Catching Fish

#24 Kerið

#25 Lost

#26 Pagoda On Beach

#27 Reborn

#28 Waiting For Waves

#29 Braided Rivers In New Zealand

#30 Fishing

#31 Island Life | Philippines

#32 Jugando Con Las Olas

#33 Life Of Buffalo Herder

#34 Low Tide Day

#35 A Person In Yellow At Skogafoss

#36 Prueba Del Campeonato Del Mundo De Grandes Olas Punta Galea Challenge 2019

#37 Rainwater

#38 Splash

#39 Underwater Caves

#40 Underwater Caves

#41 A Lone Surfer Braving The Winter Cold On The Cornish North Coast

#42 Chapi Dream

#43 Ice Cave

#44 Stepwell In Jodhpur

#45 Marina Bay

#46 Vision Tree

#47 Water Drops

#48 Water Lilies

#49 Working On The Salt Field

#50 Open Pool




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