Bears! What Are They Up To?


If you happen to be near this animal, you should definitely be aware of what’s it doing (and maybe join the fun?)

Bears being bears… they don’t need an excuse to do what they do. But today we are going to discover what they do best.

Bears love to chill out:

Well, Hello there, dear! –

Happy Climbing:

Bears are no strangers to Zen, when it comes to inner contentment:

Teddy Bearz:

(image via)

Getting in trouble:

Chasing the bear: this image quickly became an internet classic –

(image via)

You know to be careful, of course: bears know martial arts (below left), and can chase you in deep snow:

This bear has judged you, and found you wanting:

(original unknown)

Bears doing yoga stretching exercises:

(image via)

There is a cookie down there! I can reeeeeach it –

(image via)

“Here is one tired bear”, seems to be a perfect caption for it:

(image via)

This bear is tired too… having a quick nap after some fishing:

(image credit: Rick Sheremeta, National Geographic)

This is how a bear can sleep… if he wants to:

(original unknown)

Polar Bears (outside of Coca-Cola commercials)

Showing the cutest behinds:

Motherly love:

(image via)

Polar bears don’t have it easy nowadays: this one is stranded on a piece of ice off an island near Svalbard in the Arctic circle:

(left image credit: Arne Naevra)

Exercise is everything:

Staring contest – and other arguments:

(left image credit: Tristan Bayer)

“Wildlife filmmaker Tristan Bayer is ready for his closeup while making the wildlife adventure documentary Earthling. Luckily they say that white bears can’t jump! The bear huffed and puffed and finally won the staring contest by defeating Tristan with his foul bear breath.” See the bigger version here.

(image credit: Paul Nicklen / National Geographic)

The image above is part of Paul Nicklen’s “Polar Obsession” series – make sure to check it out:

(image credit: Paul Nicklen / National Geographic)

One very FEROSHUS polar bear, thanks to Cute Overload:

(image via)

Panda Party Animals

Panda bears love to hang out:

(images via 12)

A panda missing its tree? Or, do pandas simply always look a little sad? –

Giant Panda hanging from structure at the Wolong Nature Reserve, China (left):

(images credit: Katherine Feng, National GeographicAlamy)

Pandas can turn into the cutest furballs:

(images via)

Is there a dessert? Yes! (also check the different ways how pandas Love to Party!)

(image via)

We wrote about the cutest panda bears – The Newborn Pandas– before (we also have an article about the Red Panda, or Firefox – here).

(image via)

It’s coming to get you! –


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