Best Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition


Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition hosted by the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

1. The Last of Us 2.0 by David Ros Garcia (Spain)

2. Flower Power by Brandon Yoshizawa (USA)

3. Galactic Lighthouse by Ruslan Merzlyakov (Latvia)

4. Deep in the heart of Mordor by Andrew Campbell (Australia)

5. Road to glory by Nicolai Brügger (Germany)

6. Shells of Elliptical Galaxy NGC 3923 in Hydra by Rolf Wahl Olsen (Denmark)

7. A Few Fireworks by Alan Friedman (USA)

8. The Remnants by Marcin Zajac (Poland)

9. Gum 12 by Eddie Trimarchi (Australia)

10. Embrace of the mountains, the heart of the universe! by Majid Ghohroodi (Iran)

11. Ben, Floyd, and the Core by Ben Bush (UK)

12. Moon Eclipse over Mount Etna by Alessia Scarso, Film Director and Astrophotographer

13. Triple Green Flash by Juan-Carlos Munoz-Mateos

14. At the Edge of Forever by William Vrbasso (Australia)

15. Mars above the Keck Lasers by Sean Goebel

16. Aurora Australis from Beerbarrel Beach by James Stone (Australia)

17. Deadvlei by Stefan Liebermann

18. The Christmas Comet by Tommy Eliassen

19. The Horsehead Nebula by Rob Mogford

20. Winner: Into the Shadow by László Francsics (Hungary)


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