Cheap version cosplay


1. Maleficient’s horns are actually legs.

2. From the light bulb to beyond…

3. Still less scary than actual lizards.

4. Apparently, you can use a mop head as an alternative to blonde hair.

5. Try watching Alien without laughing now.

6. That’s where Goku gets his energy from.

7. Cannot see Groot the same way again. Ever.

8. The real 10-year-challenge.

9. Put your old cutlery into the cosplay game.

10. Cotton ear buds + tape + blue paint = Night King

11. Iron man, made by Apple

12. Who knew cosplaying Ursula was so easy.

13. Forget going to the gym, all you need is black tape and a fork to turn into Jason Momoa.

14. This is what nightmares are made of.

15. Put your hair in a bun and you’re one step closer to cosplay Bulbasaur.


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