Heavy Machinery Acrobatics!


Sometimes machines may need a little extra… exercise.

(… and saying “Oops!” just doesn’t cut it any more)

A very special kind of billboard – “Oklahoma Truck Supply”:

Some tractors are simply amazing! –

Trains can also play these games:

…while smaller machinery can explore lofty heights:

or enjoy the company of each other 🙂

In many cases humans are to blame, with their excessive inventiveness…
when they’re trying to fit things inside –

Load things –

or fix things:

or when they do not know when to stop:

Sometimes the machines fight back. Especially the bigger ones:

and intimidating:

Humans are no match against them:

– but in the end justice prevails:

…begging for mercy

Some “battle droids” find peaceful retirement:

and some remain a mystery to the very end, like today’s “Mystery Photo”:


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