Nature photographer of the year award 2019


#1 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Colorful Night’ By Mohammad Murad (Kw)

#2 Overall Winner And Black And White Category Winner: ‘Jump’ By Csaba Daroczi (Hungary)

#3 Category Birds Winner: ‘Greeting The Sun’ By Peter Cech (Cz)

#4 Category Youth Winner: ‘Symphony N°5’ By Giacomo Redaelli (It)

#5 Category Plants And Fungi Winner: ‘The Fallen Idol III’ By David Frutos Egea (Es)

#6 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Climbing To The Sweet’ By José Juan Hernández (Es)

#7 Category Man And Nature Highly Commended:’ Sunsets’ By Pedro Narra (Pt)

#8 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Wolf Attack’ By Martin Steenhaut (Be)

#9 Category Underwater Winner: ‘ Up In The Air’ By Alexey Zozulya (Ru)

#10 Category Birds Highly Commended: ‘Fjord Fight’ By Bernt Østhus (No)

#11 Category Birds Runner-Up: ‘Golden Eagle Landing’ By Audun Rikardsen (No)

#12 Category Other Animals Highly Commended: ‘Hunting Ants’ By Petr Bambousek (Cz)

#13 Category Mammals Highly Commended: ‘Deer On The Crest’ By François Nowicki (Fr)

#14 Category Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award Winner: ‘Cuejdel My Lake’ By Gheorghe Popa (Ro)

#15 Category Underwater Runner-Up: ‘Dancing In The Light’ By Domenico Tripodi (It)

#16 Category Underwater Highly Commended: ‘Duck Photo Bomb’ By Paul Colley

#17 Category Black And White Highly Commended: ‘Brothers’ By Luke Massey (Es)

#18 Category Youth Highly Commended:’poplar Stars’ By Carlos Perez Naval (Es)

#19 Category Landscape Winner: ‘A Stormy Day’ By Ales Krivec (Si)

#20 Category Plants And Fungi Highly Commended: ‘Survivor III’ By David Frutos Egea (Es)

#21 Category Mammals Winner: ‘Under The Snow…’ By Stefano Quirini (It)

#22 Category Youth Highly Commended: ‘Little Curious Learner’ By John Peter Wewin Pandian (In)

#23 Category Other Animals Highly Commended: ‘Hunt In Sun’ By Wei Fu (Th)

#24 Category Landscape Highly Commended: ‘Flower Power’ By Brandon Yoshizawa (Us)

#25 Category Other Animals Highly Commended: ‘Fly’ By Radomir Jakubowski (De)

#26 Category Birds Highly Commended: ‘La Dama Blanca’ By Stanislao Basileo (It)

#27 Category Mammals Runner-Up: ‘Tapir Diver’ By Marcio Esteves Cabral (Br)

#28 Category Other Animals Runner-Up: ‘Gorgon’ By Alena Shevtsova (Ru)

#29 Category Plants And Fungi Highly Commended: ‘Frozen Spring’ By Csaba Daroczi (Hu)

#30 Category Other Animals Winner: ‘Golden Rain’ By Norbert Kaszás (Hu)


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