We are all parents for the first time.


Some parents prefer to soak up some sun, alone, in their kid’s pool.

Cooling your kids’ chicken nuggets this way

Thinking about having a BBQ this weekend?? Why not crack out the old kids safety pen as the ultimate BBQ dad hack

Biting the alphabet out of pretzels? You know a dad was involved.

When you just really need to make sure your Miraculum growlers make it home safely.

What does a dad do when bringing a baby home for the first time and we are locked out?

When you have four kids you ain’t got time to be blowing everyone’s piping hot chili. So, you put the blow dryer on the cool setting.

Got dad jokes?

When you show up at the trailhead, realize you forgot your hat, and then remember that the baby carrier is in the trunk!

This dad who didn’t want to dirty another dish, so he threw some eggs on the waffle iron, too.

This dad, who found a way to hold the baby and drink his beer at the same time

Any excuse to catch some ZZZs even if it is in IKEA…

This dad, who figured out an unconventional way to warm the baby’s bottle on the go

Dad tip! These IKEA hair clips are the best! Olives hair is up in seconds!

When you leave Daddy in charge of the youngest’s packed lunch

Often we play with barbies, but when the game is on – I make sure Ken takes Barbie to the drive-in…

My son needed a photo taken but no comb handy—a fork works pretty well.

A shirt only a dad could buy

You can save time by drawing a bath for the kids and defrosting bacon at the same time.


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